1、How soon can I overcome my emotional problems and how long it can lasts?
Psychological treatment is Psychotherapy, which is a kind of "clinical talking therapy," generally 50 minutes once to twice a week.The length of therapy is different for every patient since not every patient respond to treatment in same amount of time. Generally patients can feel the change in the first few sessions after receiving treatment.
For crisis or disaster problems patient generally will feel better quickly and crisis is mostly stabilized in matter of 10 to 15 sessions.
2、How do you make a diagnosis?
To make diagnosis of emotional or developmental problems in children, adolescent or adult, psychologist conduct tests such as personality test, I.Q. test, educational test, neuropsychological test, and other specialized test for problems such as ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum, developmental disorders and more. These test are paper and pencil. After the tests are completed which might take one to few hours. Later, psychologist analyzes and makes report of test results. These tests also can rule out other forms of psychological problems which is important for treatment planning and getting good effect from treatment.
3、Does psychologist should get involved in a child's development even though he seems healthy?
Yes, selected psychological, Neuropsychological and developmental screening testing can reveal current or future psychological, congenital or developmental problems. Early psychological assessment, interventions and treatment put stop to children suffering from early age and improve their happiness and full potentials, as they grow older. It's quite important for children to get psychological assessment and treatment in young age. Otherwise, it might negatively affect their personality and could cause different forms of psychological problems in their adulthood. Even if psychological assessment reveals child being completely psychologically healthy, he still can benefit from the parenting advices psychologist will offer for future effective parenting. Therefore, psychological intervention for guarding your children's emotional growth is highly recommended.
4、Confidentiality. How do I protect my patients?
According to law, ethical reason and in order to protect the patient's safety and privacy, confidentiality of patient and his informationare quite important for psychological treatment. In some cases if patient decides to share his treatment information with anyone or authority, he should sign a release of information, giving the psychologist the right to disclose any information. Even in such cases, psychologist will not reveal very sensitive issues about patient, which could endanger patient's condition and safety.
5、Insurance coverage:
Most insurance companies have psychological and mental health coverage. Each patient insurance policy is different for psychological treatment coverage, length of treatment, amount of co-payment and deductible they should pay. Patient is responsible to provide all the information and contact the insurance company. We will need a guarantee letter from insurance before making an appointment. If insurance decline to pay for treatment the patient will be responsible for the treatment fee.
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