Training and Supervision
We provide training for parents, psychotherapy courses for mental health professionals, workshops and seminars for communities, schoolteachers, hospitals, local therapists, universities and corporations. We provide the following training and seminars in Chinese Mandarin.

1-Parents and Grandparents training
    How to improve your marriage and intimacy with your spouse
    How to raise a happy child
    Effective parenting
    How to maintain happiness in Golden age

2-Teachers training
    Psychological problems in children and adolescents, prevention and dealing effectively with such children
    Psychological prevention, assessment and treatment of younger children

3-Psychological and self-development training programs for Mental Health professionals
    Psychological prevention, assessment and treatment of younger children
    Children psychological and neuropsychological assessment
    Introduction to CBT
    Use of CBT in Family therapy
    Use of CBT with children
    Introduction to Gestalt therapy
    Introduction to psychological assessment
    Introduction to Rorschach Ink blot tests
    Helping skill in counseling
    Communication skills
    Stress Management

4-Employee Assistant Program (EAP)
    EAP consultation
    EAP training for corporation
    Assist corporation in establishing EAP department
    EAP support
    Crisis and disaster management

Dr. Mehrvarz provides individual or group supervision for CBT, psychotherapy and psychological assessment.

If interested in any training program listed above or supervision, please register by sending your information to  psychology_2017@163.com