Psychological Services
Our mind and thoughts can affect many of our body's essential chemicals, functions of our internal organs such as vessels, heart, brain, hormone system, and could also imbalance its healthy natural balance. Healthy body is in sound mind and vise versa. Many studies have shown that medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, tumor, gynecological problems, and more are highly related to psychological difficulties. Psychological treatment is an essential part of overall health and happiness in children and adults. You or child can achieve many of either prevention or healing benefits from Psychological treatment without use of any medicine.

Clinical interview



Clinical interview
Clinical interview and assessment are the tools in which help a psychologist explores the root of person's problem. In order to assess person's psychological problems, psychologist will conduct different psychological tests, which are mostly paper and pencil. Each test is intended to use by psychologist according to patient's problem and age. These tests acts as a psychological x-ray for psychologist to understand underline human emotion, personality, cognitiveabilities and more. These tests help psychologist to aid in diagnose and treatment plan for each patient.
Dr. Mehrvarz conducts psychological, neuropsychological, educational and developmental assessment that is necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning of children and adolescent with developmental, learning or emotional problems.

Dr. Mehrvarz uses latest microprocessor testing technology imported from U.S., which is widely used in U.S. clinics for assessment of ADHD, ADD, inattention, impulsivity in children and adolescents. Adult patient also require other form of psychological testing to assess his or her emotional difficulties and assist in diagnosis.

Comprehensive assessments are conducted to establish a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for child fast recovery. Such information also shared with parents to become more in-depth familiar with the origin of child's problems.

We provide the following assessments for pediatric, children and adult:
-Pediatric developmental assessment (age 0-18)
-Psycho-educational testing
-Intelligence testing
-Personality assessment
-Neuropsychological assessment
-Assessment of ADD and ADHD screening
-Assessment of Autism spectrum, Asperger and Down syndrome
-Assessment of Dyslexia
-Assessment of learning problem
-Assessment of memory
-Assessment of Tourette syndrome
-Assessment of alcohol or drug abuse
-Assessment of eating difficulties (Anorexia and Bulimia)
-Pediatric and children observation and assessment at playground or at school
Psychologist besides using psychotherapy which is the main part of treatment, he also make use of following treatments to speed up children, adolescents and adult patients to achieve happiness, overcoming psychological problems, developmental issues and improve their overall health.

These treatments include:
Child or adolescent counseling, Neurofeedback Attention training, Children Attention training (CAT), Sensory integration training, Sand play therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Art therapy, Biofeedback therapy, Relaxation training, Parent training, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Individual therapy, Couple therapy, Marriage and family therapy, Sex therapy, and Hypnosis.

We provide comprehensive treatment of ADHD, ADD, Autism spectrum disorder, Asperger, Dyslexia, Down syndrome, Tourette syndrome and various development disorders.

We use latest advanced Neurofeedback training system for training attention, concentration, and increase happiness in children. This system is imported from U.S. and widely used in clinic and training centers in U.S.

We also assist with referral to other specialist such as speech therapist, and other specialist if necessary.
Role of Psychologist
Psychologist doctor must complete bachelor, masters and Ph.D. or Psy. D. Degrees. While doing the masters and doctorate degrees should complete many hours of clinical training at psychiatric hospitals or mental health centers training in diagnosis, psychological assessment and psychotherapy.

Dr. Mehrvarz received his master degree in Counseling Psychology and Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Development in U.S.. Dr. Mehrvarz completed his dissertation at Emory medical university, Pain Center. Later, in U.S., he also completed two postdoctoral fellowships in Behavior medicine and pain management and a postgraduate training in Neuropsychology.

In order to rule out possible medical issues, Dr. Mehrvarz cooperates with other specialties including pediatrician, neurologist, speech pathologist, and other specialist in order to offer his patient a comprehensive care.
List of disorders can be treated by psychologist
Psychological treatment can treat most developmental disorders, different emotional and psychiatric disorders in adults, children and adolescents from age 0-18. The following list may seem quite long, but most of them can be treated effectively and in a short period of time. You act now to put stop to your family's suffering. Contact Dr. Mike today!
Pediatric, Child and Adolescent
Problem with attention and concentration
Behavior problem
Autism spectrum
Tic disorder
Tourette syndrome
Anxiety, Fear
Most Psychiatric disorders
Learning problem
Down syndrome
Shy, low self confidence
Bed wetting
Eating disorders
Anxiety, phobia
Panic attack
Problem with attention and concentration
Work or personal stress
Sleeping problem
Infidelity, separation and divorce
Low self confidence
Chronic pain management
Sexual difficulties
Eating disorders
Disaster and crisis management
PMS and Menopause
Most psychiatric disorders
Relationship or marital problem