Why my child needs Psycho-educational Assessment? Online and Offline Psycho-educational Assessment for Children age 0-18


Not every child is born with the same abilities. Psychological tests are used to find the underlining reasons for children difficulties in learning, behavior or emotional difficulties and use the results to form special trainings, treatment and rehab to help them achieve their full potentials. Children who face developmental difficulties during early age may develop learning difficulties, inattention, hyperactivity as well as problems with behavior, emotion, problem solving, logic, social skills, executive functioning and more. 

Results of these tests will be also a road map for teachers to help these children by using special teaching methods. These tests use paper and pencil. Depending on each child abilities, these tests might take from 2 to 3 hours or more to complete. These tests include child developmental history, testing child educational level, attention, concentration, personality, learning ability, cognitive function, executive function, memory and more. 

All information including these tests report is strictly confidential and parents only can share with teachers or others if they choose to. 

Each assessment is customized according to child’s difficulties. These tests are conducted to understand various reasons behind children problems including, child hate or refuse to do homework, having learning difficulties, often hyper, poor attention or concentration, has difficulties with reading and writing, behavior problems, problem making friends, having sensory difficulties, poor eye contact, poor social skills, doesn’t like to go to school and more. 

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz, Ph.D., bilingual Child & Adult Psychologist, licensed in China, uses latest technology and comprehensive methods to assess different aspects of children problems. He has extensive training and experience in assessment and treatment of children with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disability and emotional problems. 

The assessments are conducted in English or Chinese Mandarin. Some assessments can be done online. For assessments, which require face to face, Dr. Mike will discuss the details with parents.

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