Special chance to express our love


Every hardship comes with many positive things in one’s life. As Valentine is around the corner, we have another day to express our love to our love ones and those in front line helping others to continue living and expressing their love to others.

Living in China over two decades, like many around the world, I have noticed most guys give a huge banquette of rose to their lovers in this occasion. After all, if you want to make your point of loving someone, I think one rose will do. After all rose is short lived but your expression of love is endless. What if you can’t have any rose for your lover or those who you care at this time? 

Do not worry, there are many simple and powerful ways you can express your love. You can express your feeling on a piece of paper or a card. China has many great poets at the present and in the past. I am sure that many Chinese friends are capable of writing a short poem for their love ones for this occasion. This is a good chance to be creative and use your poetic skill. Finally, I am sure you can be more creative to find simple way express your feeling in this special day without a single rose!

As Valentine throughout the year became an international trend, I always wondered why many wait till this day to express their love to their love ones. Love is one of the unique human feelings toward others and we have plenty of it, so why can’t share it on daily basis with those we care and make them feel joyful, accepted and loved. Another words being capable of loving someone is a human strength and a gift; so start sharing it around and especially with those you care, this day and 365 days a year!

I saw online when brave medical workers including female doctors and nurses who had to cut their hair very short to comply with virus control in order to treat those unfortunate whom caught the virus. As many felt sorry for cutting these beautiful long hair, I thought may be after all is done and we overcome this epidemic, may be this new hairstyle become a trend in future! Who knows! After all women’s beauty is not only in the long hair. I want to tell these Chinese sisters who got their hair cut short; you look as beautiful as ever.
Finally, my thanks and love to all in front line, all medical staff, government workers, policemen and women, army personnel, volunteer workers, those who keep our city clean, deliverymen who deliver our daily needs to our front door and more! What more can you ask!

These days shall pass soon and becomes a past history in the near future. So let’s take one day at a time and be grateful!

Happy Valentine to all of you!
China Jia You!

Take care

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz