Caring for New Mom’s Pre-natal Depression


Pregnancy supposed to be a happiest time in woman’s life. However, for some is the time of confusion, fear, sadness, and even depression. There are many questions on mother’s mind. What if any thing goes wrong, Boy or girl? Wish was a girl or boy, which hospital to go to have my child? Expenses, Breast-feed or milk? Who will raise the child?

The above list is a mix of positive and negative stressors expected mothers might face during their pregnancy. If expected mother is not emotionally balanced, it might even have difficulties coping with these stressors and will affect her health, her fetus and newborn baby. Fetus is product of both parent’s gene and especially newly mom’s physical and emotional condition during her pregnancy. 

 We can summarize the negative emotional impact of pregnant women’s depression on her child as the following:
Depressed and Anxious Mother → Depressed and Anxious Fetus→ Depressed and Anxious Child 
The emotional symptoms of prenatal depression in women include persistent  sad feelings, poor concentration, insomnia, hopeless thoughts, irritability, anxiety or feeling of guilt.
 The physical symptoms of prenatal depression include bacterial vaginitis, Irritability, headache, nausea, stomach pain, poor appetite, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems, and many other symptoms.  
Prenatal Depression Affecting Fetus:
Newly moms stress → Changes of many hormones →Affecting placenta →Affecting fetus negatively
Many research indicated that newborn’s biochemical profile was similar to her depressed mother. Below are more list of many negative affect on fetus resulted from mom’s depression during pregnancy: More chance of being admitted to neonatal ward, More fetal activity, Delay in growth of fetus, Low rate of weight after birth and Negative affect on fetus brain.
In conclusion it is quite obvious that expected momsneed to take a good care of their emotional condition as well as physical to protect the health and safety of their fetus and newborn. As a pregnant woman if you would feel often depressed during pregnancy and or having persistent above mentioned emotional symptoms you can consult with psychologist to stop your emotional suffering and safeguard the health of your fetus without taking any medicine.
Good luck to all expected moms, 
Happy Women’s day.

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz