Raising understanding parents regarding ADD and ADHD in children


Autism is more clearly known by now to many parents than add and adhd in younger and older children. This is because autism has many obvious symptoms such as abnormal behavior, social difficulties, talk to self and many more. However, many children needlessly suffering from add and adhd without being noticed by parents or teachers.

I am increasingly getting questions from parents for their children with symptoms, which are associated to these two disorders. 

As I have mentioned Children with ADD or ADHD need a rather long term rehabilitation and treatment as early and as young as they are other otherwise are likely to bring them to adulthood, their adult lives caused many difficulties. Such as: Education, work, poor self-confidence, depression, anxiety, alcoholism or drug abuse, family problems and so on. 

Changing schools, child’s environment, placing in child in unfamiliar place such as international school, boarding home, far away from home and parents, few behavioral interventions is not going to resolve the problem but can sometimes worsen the problem. 

Medication also does not cure these problems, but only control some of the symptoms as long as taken, which of course also will bring a lot of side effects with it. There are many other psychological issues of these children, which needed to be treated by clinical psychologist besides attention and concentration. If such issues including loneliness, depression, anxiety, impulsivity etc. are treated will increase attention, memory and will result in educational success and happiness in children.  There are also other form of non-medical and psychological rehab tools that can improve attention and concentration based on behavior therapy. However, an accurate diagnosis is quite important as well for treatment to become successful.

We offer comprehensive assessment, testing, treatment and rehab of children with ADD, ADHD, learning problem, autism spectrum, Tourette syndrome, tics, Down syndrome, neurological problems and many other children emotional problems. We aim to aid such children to achieve their highest potential and happiness. 

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