Maintain the tree of your relationship healthy and strong


Couple’s relationship is like a tree or plant and needs constant care and nurturance to remain healthy, strong and again just like tree if neglected will not produce any fruits and eventually will vanish. Ask yourself as man or woman in the relationship or as couple, when was the last time said something nice to your partner or made his day easier and happier? Last week? Last month? Do you remember? If the answer is “No”, do you think to some extent you might be neglecting this tree?" To maintain and keep your relationship healthy needs creativity, effort, honesty, sharing your life’s ups and downs and many more! The above is just a simple example how to maintain this tree!
Living in China over two decades I noticed how couples especially younger generation religiously celebrate the “foreign made valentine day”, spending lot of money i.e. men giving bucket of many roses (even though in some countries one rose will do it ) to prove his love! If valentine day is the time for expressing your love to someone, why is it celebrated once a year? What if you choose to be different, making your partner even more delighted by celebrating every month or few times a year? Giving each other very simple but meaningful gift as simple as just one rose, small note written on paper expressing your care, love, support to each other, having a simple dinner outside, going to a movie, park, or just having your favorite snack and walking in the mall.  The simple choices are unlimited . Wouldn’t this make both of your hearts warmer and strengthen your bond with your partner? Another words couples don't need wait for once a year to express their love, celebrate their togetherness so little and expensively! Our life is day by day, so as expression of love and affection to our love ones, our partner, our love  Believe me makes your heart warm and feel even better, try it! 
Open communication, trust, compromise, fulfilling sexual relationship, some finance and sacrifice makes some of the important core of each relationship no matter where you are from! Each one of you should take responsibility and do your share to best you can to fulfill you part. Of course we all want our relationship to be fair and as a give and take process.
All above-mentioned cornerstones of the relationship is quite important; however, I want to talk little here about sexual relationship between couples and its importance. Sex has a quite power on human emotion. Sex between couple is more than just the performance but also is about intimacy, harmony and emotional closeness between couples. Both partner need to be more sensitive to other partner’s sexual needs and satisfaction.
In sexual relationship if both partners are healthy but one partner choose to be selfish and care more about his own satisfaction, this will leave the other partner frustrated and possibly resentful. This condition may harm your intimacy and cause difficulty in your relationship.  Another important factor which can cause problem in your relationship and sometimes and even cause women not getting pregnant is each partner’s sexual difficulty. If you or partner have any sexual difficulties you can seek psychologist to help you without use of medicine. 
Most sexual problems in men and women are psychologically related. Men’s premature ejaculation (PE), difficulty with erection (ED), women’s painful intercourse or being timid can be treated with psychological treatment without use of any medicine. Of course it is always advised to check with male or female specialist physician to rule out any possible medical problem which may contribute.

If you have difficulties in your marriage including problems such as difficulty with communication, sexual difficulty (i.e. PE, ED, painful sexual intercourse, etc.) , intimacy, trust, infidelity, separation or even divorce, psychological individual, marriage and family therapy can save your relationship or marriage. I have many happy stories of couples with or without children coming to see me at the edge of their divorce and after individual/marriage therapy end up of having happy and fulfilling relationship and decided to stay together. For those couple who chose to go separate way, they end up remaining friend without hatred, giving each other trouble and peacefully chose their own separate life. 

I have spoken before many times about children’s happiness. Happy couples actually can produce such children. Children actually are your both physical and psychological product and they become more healthy and happier if you both happy as a couple. So for sake of your own happiness and or your future children do not neglect or compromise your relationship and nurture it very often.
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Wish both of you a fulfilled and happy couple!